The Wahsatch Steeplechase was conceived by McKay Edwards in 1979.  

There were originally three courses all starting in Memory Grove Park.  

The 8 mile Twin Peaks Derby (Avenues Twin Peaks, site of the 2002 Olympic Rings) 

The 15.5. mile Black Mountain Classic

The 26.2 mile Wahsatch Crest Marathon which climbed over Lookout Peak and descended to City Creek Pass and down City Creek Canyon back to Memory Grove. 

Today the Wahsatch Steeplechase is a tough 17 mile course that winds up the Shoreline trail above the city, past Twin Peaks to the Limestone Crags of Black Mountain. 

Descends the east ridge from the summit to Smugglers Gap. A mountain pass that was named because of a group of moonshiners that operated a still in City Creek Canyon during prohibition and smuggled moonshine to the military base at Fort Douglas. From there the course descends the single track Smuggles Gap trail to City Creek Canyon, down City Creek Canyon back to the start at Memory Grove.