Whereas, participation in the annual Wahsatch Steeplechase is a privilege and sacred ritual in celebration of the Summer Solstice and, whereafter, the undersigned acknowledges the uniquely and hazardous nature of the race course, including raging streams at full flood, wicked sagebrush, poisonous snakes, and precipitous crags, and has inspected the course or in the alternative freely assumes the risk or failure to inspect the course.

NowWhyWhereWhen, the undersigned participant or legal guardian, in exchange for the privilege of participation and in gratitude for the volunteers and organizers.

TheSteeplechasePeople freely and willingly release all sponsors, volunteers, city officials, and any other person or party in any way associated with the Wahsatch Steeplechase, from any liability for injury, disability, or death which may result from any aspect of participation in the race---before, during, or after;

FurtherWhereupon, the undersigned Indemnifies and Holds Harmless the same from any costs which might be incurred, including legal and court fees in the defense of or in the remedy of damages resulting from the failure of the undersigned, or the undersigned’s heirs or assigns, to honor this commitment. The undersigned makes this release and indemnity without reservation for himself, herself, all heirs and assigns.